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My First Post!

Posted on Oct 12, 2018 by in Personal

Why markdown?

Testing my first blog post to see how this works. I added markdown for a few reasons:

  • I want to learn how to use it
  • I need to learn to use it, haha
  • It will definitely beautify my posts more
  • I will be able to add screenshots and code snippets easily into my posts

Why blog?

So recently, I have been trying to get my life in order. What I mean by this is that I started simple first. I began by going to the gym and that changed my lifestyle. I read Bigger, Leaner, Stronger by Mike Matthews, which provided me with the knowledge to know what a calorie is, to understand macronutrients, and to understand the purpose of micronutrients.

Phase 1

I consistently have been going to the gym five days a week. And I was happy, I was losing weight, from 230 lbs, to 208 lbs as of this post. The next step was in order, to make more time to do things. I decided on waking up really early, between 05:00 and 05:30. And going to sleep between 21:00 and 22:00 on a very consistent basis, the only exception was the weekend, since the gym did not open until 07:00. This made me feel like I had so much more time in my day. It also closed the gap on excuses to go to the gym. The only excuse is “I don’t feel like waking up.”

Phase 2

Now fast forward several months, and the next phase begins. How to actually manage my time properly. Since starting my semester classes, I am working two part-time jobs, full-time classes, schoolwork, cooking, gym, and a variety of daily tasks. With my hours mapped from 05:00 to 21:00, I needed to better organize my time, and be consistent in getting work done without distraction. So I did a little research, and started up a course on Coursera called Learning How to Learn. This course has provided some insights into learning more efficiently, and I ended up finding two apps on my Macbook called Be Focused, and Focus Matrix. Be Focused is a pomodoro technique app that helps me time my work, and helps me watch my break times. This application syncs with Focus Matrix, which uses the Eisenhower Method to help organize my workload. There are four categories and this will assist me in prioritizing my work, and identify all that I want to do. This app syncs with my calendar, and they all syncronize together.

Phase 3

And now we are here, writing my first blog post on my new site, that I stood up in just a few hours. I decided to do this in order to help improve my writing skills, to assist me in understanding the content I am working with in a more concrete manner, and to pass the knowledge on to others.


This is me, my struggles, my pursuit, and my life!

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